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Human Egg Chooses The Sperm

egg chooses sperm.jpg

The Egg Decides 

A fascinating new study finds those chemical-based preferences continue even after sex. Human eggs appear to "choose" which sperm will become the lucky winner in conceiving a baby.

"Human eggs release chemicals called chemoattractants, which leave a sort of chemical breadcrumb trail that sperm use to find unfertilized eggs," said study author John Fitzpatrick, an assistant professor in the department of zoology at Stockholm University in Sweden.

What this study hasn't taken into account is the magic of the moon, and how the egg will choose a sperm its attracted too, and this is always down to the zodiac phase you are in at the time of conception.

The zodiacs are either negatively charged or positively charged, this is the same for the sperms plasma and the eggs membrane (the outer layer).

Astrology works in different ways but is based on a Ying and Yang effect. When you ovulate under a male zodiac this instantly gives the egg a positive charge, that egg will then be attracted to a negatively charged sperm. (They have to be opposite to attract, Ying & Yang).

If you ovulate under a positively charged male zodiac then the egg will instantly be attracted to a negatively charged Y sperm. No ifs or buts. A boy will likely be the outcome.

If you are swaying for a boy but you ovulate in a female zodiac, then you will likely conceive a girl.


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