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What if I told you we can connect you with your Spirit Baby?

Kelly is a medium, and her gift is speaking directly to energies around you. What messages do spirit have for you at this time?



At this time, Kelly is only offering general mediumship readings. 


This means she will connect to the spirits that are presenting the strongest energy and the message they have.


This could be the person you're hoping to hear from the most or another spirit that has crossed your life path. 


Sometimes, multiple spirits will come through with dates, numbers, smells, and even a place. They're not necessarily from the same person as spirits get excited to pass messages across, and Kelly can get a que of spirits wanting to be heard. 


Please remember this is a brief reading and priced to reflect this and she cannot guarantee the spirit that comes forward is who you love the most, it can be a family member you've never met, a childhood friend or an old neighbour.


I will work with you to interpret the messages your spirit babies are sending you. Through this connection, I am able to provide insight into the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of your pregnancy experience. My goal is to help you feel more connected to your unborn child and to provide you with a sense of peace and comfort during your pregnancy journey. You can discover the power of the connection between you and your spirit baby. Spirit babies communicate in words, images, sometimes with metaphors and oftentimes with emotions which I feel. A spirit baby is the consciousness of a baby waiting to be born to you and your family.  YOU can communicate with baby. Many Spirit Babies try to communicate through dreams because it is the time when we are available.

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