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We know that the moon has a direct impact on the sex of the baby you will conceive. And through recent studies we know the egg chooses the sperm it wants to fertilise. “Researchers said the findings offer new insight into human reproduction -- Showing that eggs will not accept just any sperm” and have more say in the union than previously recognized.

In the moments just before fertilization, there is a chemical "conversation" between an egg and sperm, the chemical signals released from an eggs allows sperm to change their swimming behavior, sperm swim straighter and move towards the egg when they are exposed to the chemical signals.

These chemical signals are from the Moons zodiacs.

Tracking you biological ovulation and having some understanding of where your egg could potentially release, is key to our methods success.

We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of BBT and OPK tracking and through extensive research we can roughly pinpoint when your egg will likely drop, and whether its safe to sway or not. Most ladies do get confused with ovulations strips and do not understand which is their true peak.

There is around 12-48 hours in which you can ovulate, and there is a risk of ovulating in the wrong phase, meaning you will conceive the opposite gender.

So how does our method work for conceiving a girl. The science behind our method, shows that our biological egg is more likely to attract an X bearing  sperm, if they are fertilized around 8-12 hours after ovulation, whilst under the female zodiac. Why this timing?. This specific timing means we are by passing the most alkaline point in your reproductive tract, during your luteinizing hormonal surge. (LH). That first 24 hours our reproductive tract becomes extremely alkaline reaching levels of between 7-14, unfortunately there is nothing we can do to alter this as its our bodies natural response to ovulation, to mimic an environment non toxic to sperm and enhance our chances at conception.

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