Welcome Moon Mama's to the Lunar Method Physic Readings.

We are the owners of the most successful natural sex selection method Cosmic Sway Method.

We are thrilled to now bring our physic readings to you.

Kelly is our medium and practicing white and green witch with many years of experience working within local spiritual churches and practicing tarot along with other forms of spiritual communication methods.

She has put together some of her favourite fertility boosting and gender specific spells and of course her highly successful tarot readings. She has worked for the past year tailoring her magick specifically for gender selection.

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My Story

Welcome ladies,

I wanted to introduce myself for those that don't know me.

I'm a physic medium and green and white witch. There's nothing scary about that as it represents practising healing, helping people, working with herbs, plants, crystals and being an empath.

I was born into this, no one else in my immediate family could communicate with spirit. My earliest memory was seeing a spirit aged 9 in the country I was born and spent my childhood years, Germany. This became a regular occurance and my parents put it down to my imagination. I guess growing up I always felt a little different, I could see things that were going to happen, I had conversations with my grandad moments after he passed away and we were miles apart. I pretty much kept it to myself until I got a little older.

The turning point for me was in my adult life. My father was diagnosed with terminal cancer and it led me down a path of seeking natural therapies to help him. I began to train as a herbalist and went from there. The results were remarkable but sadly we lost him. I witnessed him leave his body around 4 hours after he passed and I knew I had to help others. I went to all of our spiritual churches and joined in open circles, helped those who were lost cross over and threw myself into tarot, pendulum readings, astrology and much more.

I was never trained or took classes, it's always just been who I am.

The doors then opened to the gender sway world and natural fertility community. Combined myself and Claire have been actively researching gender selection for 10 year. So many of these pages just didn't make sense to me and I had a hard time fitting in as so many weren't a positive experience. I had two failed sways and had a real taste of gender dissappintment. I then set up a gender dissappintment support group which took so much out on me seeing the sadness daily. I'm no longer there since my successful sway.

I then met the wonderful Claire by chance when we both realised something wasn't right with the other sway page and we put our heads together to strip everything back and start again. We are super proud of what we have achieved but we wanted to give more. The gender selection world is hard and we wanted to bring some upliftment and something new to our method. It's all linked so made perfect sense.

This is where we get to help you more. This is where you can come and feel positive and we hope you have a happy experience.

Predictions won't always be right. I can only relay what I'm given and sometimes it can be interpretated incorrectly or it's for another time. There's not always a black and white answer but I strive to do my best.

Thanks for reading xxx

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