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I work in all aspects of pregnancy and fertility.

My guides help me to give you the most accurate information and direction in your reading's. I work with several different 

tarot  cards and divination tools, plus my very own spells which bring  further vibrations to increase your chances for conception, or desired  gender. Any questions please contact me via my cosmic readings FB page, email or Instagram.

Together we can choose the right services for you.

Love and light


Kelly xxx


Kelly is an expert in distant reiki which allows her to access peoples energies. This can be done even if they aren't in the same room as her. This is how she is able to perform emailed readings. She is able to connect with you, and then she uses her tarot cards to see what your future holds. All you need to do is send your photo {details below} and your reading is emailed directly to you.

Please send Kelly your unfiltered picture with your order. Please select one on your own, with nothing covering your face or wearing sunglasses.

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