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Kelly is our medium and practicing white and green witch. With over 20 years of experience, working within local spiritual churches and practicing tarot, along with other forms of spiritual communication methods.

She has put together some of her favourite fertility boosting and gender specific spells and of course her highly successful tarot readings. She has worked for the past year tailoring her magick specifically for gender selection.

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Capture the Magik

Crystal Ball in Psychic Hands

Number One Seller!! -  Fertility Readings and spells from our Psychic Medium.

Hi, I'm Kelly!

I'm a psychic medium and green and white witch. 

I have been a psychic for over 20 years. My gift came to life when i was just  9 years old when i first made contact with spirit. I work in all aspects of pregnancy and fertility.

My guides help me to give you the most accurate information an direction in your reading's. I work with several different 

tarot  cards and deviation tools, plus my very own spells which bring  further vibrations to increase your chances for conception, or desired  gender. Any questions please DM

me via my lunar psychic FB page, email or Instagram.

Together we can choose the right services for you.

Love and light Kelly.

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