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Star Cluster


Colour coded days most favourable for a girl or a boy

At Cosmic Sway Method LTD, we offer a revolutionary new way to naturally select the sex of your child. Using a combination of the moon's cycle, pH values and our best-selling app and sway guide, you can now conceive a girl or a boy with ease. Our cutting-edge technology and research-backed methods have helped hundreds of people around the world realize their dreams of having a family. Discover the power of the Cosmic Sway Method today!


After years of hard work, dedication and research we are proud to offer the most comprehensive guide to guiding your fertility and gender swaying journey. Our app colour-codes the days based on the moon's cycle that's favourable for a girl or a boy, helping you to better understand your fertility and make decisions about when to conceive. Whether you are hoping for a girl or a boy, we are here to assist in your journey.

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