Start Your Moon Journey Today 

We began our in-depth research into gender swaying back in 2015 and by 2021 we had perfected our knowledge to produce a sway the we believe will be the most successful around.  

With our combined years experience in ovulation tracking and working alongside ladies swaying, and with delayed fertility, we can support you in the best possible way.


With us being open to spirituality and working with different energies, we can guide you on all aspects of this combined biological and lunar method sway.


Our passion in Astrology and Social Biology combined with our own successful sway babies will ensure you get the best possible guidance. We are looking forward to sharing our sway plan with you so you too can harness these lunar energies and use the moons magic to fulfil your dreams 💫

Scientifically backed evidence and proven techniques established our method that gives you the very best chance to sway for your preferred gender. By applying our techniques at the right time working with your natural body-clock, hugely increasing your probability of achieving the outcome you desire.  


We have 3 plans to choose from.


 Girl Lunar/ZodiacSway 

This is to increase your odds of conceiving a girl.

Boy Zodiac Sway 

This is to increase your odds of conceiving a boy.

 Luminaries Day Sway.

This is your super fertile day that can boost your natural fertility and can be used to sway either gender, without taking into account your biological ovulation. 


We do all of the astrological and biological calculations for you. We will check the Moon phases for you (dependent on desired gender)

You will know when the phase starts, when the phase ends, your lunar peak day and when to attempt your sway. Plus we tell you your lunar fertile month. You will be guided through the various ways to track your surge and ovulation with our informative guidelines. Your details will be used to make a personalised calendar for you with the safest most successful sway with a turnaround time of 3-5 working days.

We will make sure your sway is the safest it can possibly be. Whilst checking the many variables. The moon will change signs every 42-48 hours, and this is where precision in tracking your ovulation and our expertise is crucial. With that calculation we can check where your ovulation is likely to take place and which zodiac sign you will conceive in. We then calculate your Lunar Fertile Day (LFD) and check where your Moon Egg comes into the equation and how this can affect your success rates too.


We check all areas, down to your birth time/chart and varying aspects.  No two ladies are the same. Every calendar is individual and made simple and clear for you to follow, stress free. We plan your sway against all the variables, and you can feel confident leaving the planning to us.

Our one-to-one support is available for an additional fee, for peace of mind. This is especially beneficial for those new to natural gender selection, new to tracking ovulation, those with irregular female cycles, or we have clients that prefer the reassurance they are on the right track.


Support is also available in our social media pages which are currently being updated to bring you the best, most positive experience.


Please remember we are working with many variables and calculations. As we know our cycles can often change and ovulation can be accelerated or delayed due to many varying factors. With this in mind you must only attempt your sway if your calendar indicates it is safe to do so. And your ovulation predictor test is precisely where it should be. 


We have carefully and meticulously put our guidelines and calendars together over months of practice with clients and research. 

Natural Sex Selection the Cosmic Way