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My spells are aimed at increasing fertility and sex selection. 

When I take the time to create a ritual, I am energetically blessing time. When I set aside time for spell-making its a truly powerful way to connect with you and the MAGIC.

When we take the time to truly honour what we are calling in, we create a cosmic shift and summon new energy, which we bless with our intentions.

Fertility Spells

High potency spells


KELLY FACE_edited.png

Practicing white and green witch and spiritual medium. I have over 33 years experience, working within local spiritual churches and practicing tarot, along with other forms of spiritual communication methods. 

I have put together some of my favourite fertility boosting and gender specific spells. I have worked for the past 5 years tailoring my magic, specifically for fertility and gender selection.


Disclaimer: Spells, and the manipulation of energy are not always 100%. You understand that buying this spell only increases your chances of your desired gender, or increased fertility, and gives no guarantee to the outcome of your gender or pregnancy for that cycle. Spells are not meant to be used for healthcare substitution or advice and this is for entertainment purposes only.

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