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Worldwide recognition of Dr.Jonas findings...Scientists from different disciplines, different count

Scientists from different disciplines, different countries and different backgrounds became interested in Dr. Jonas's method. A Hungarian physicist, Dr. Magyari Endre confirmed Dr. Jonas's thesis from the physical point of view, Prof. Dr. Z. Horak from Prague, also a physicist, likewise found an explanation for the cosmic influence on the female fertility cycle. They jointly reported on this for the Czechoslovak Radio in Prague. The Kosmobiologishe Akademie in Aalen, Germany published this news. Dr. E. Jonas began to receive invitations to lecture from all around the world. Many international conferences have asked Dr. Jonas to present some of his almost "miracle" findings. These include the international Society for Planned Parenthood with UNESCO that studied his work. Prof. Diehl from the worldwide recognised Max Planck Institute in Heidelberg also reacted favourably about Dr. Jonas's method and confirmed his statistical findings. Academic Petrov Maslakov of St. Petersburg's Institute of Gynaecology led the exploration of Dr. Jonas's discovery in Russia. Even nuclear scientists completed reports on his discoveries.

Dr. Jonas research was almost lost during the communist regime in his country. Soviet tanks had rolled the streets crushing the famous Czech political "springtime". All hope of open connection to the West was gone. The West could get no further word of him for a very long period. Despite the political situation, Dr. Jonas's research has continued. When the time was right, he announced additional discoveries, well hidden from the West. He does not provide any details on it as to prevent its misuse.

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