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Sway Check TTC & After

Sway Check TTC & After

We will check the safety of your sway once you have peaked on your ovulation predictor test. We will then confirm and calculate the following.


We will check your tracking

We will check your timing, frequency, and luminaries!

We will calculate if your sway is risky or safe

We will check and confirm that the correct products are being used or advise alternatives.

You will then receive your results via email with a % of the gender you are swaying for.

You can also use this package after an attempt to see the odds of the gender you have swayed, or if you are currently pregnant and would like a % and see if you are more likely to have a baby boy, or a baby girl.


* Please note - This does not roll over, and this is not a one to one consult. Also, this does not include our cosmic formula!


This is the perfect product to ensure you are following the method for a 92% chance at success.


Once the sale is complete, we do not offer refunds.

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