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About Us

The power of the Moon

Where It Began

We are two mothers that met by chance. Some may use the term coincidence,

but we don’t believe there’s such a thing.

When we take a look at the spiritual laws of the universe, it becomes clear that we're meant to meet everyone who enters our lifes.

Looking at the Law of Divine Oneness, which explains that every atom, every thought, every action, and every event in the world is inextricably linked with anything and everything else.

Or the Law of Attraction, which is where we attract what we think about and

put out to the world. We will touch on this later with the manifestation work we do, [which is now in a separate book of its own.]

Or the Law of Cause and Effect, which very straightforwardly explains that for each cause there is an effect, which then goes on to have another effect. Keeping these laws in mind, we can see that every encounter is a divine encounter, because every person we meet there’s a reason they entered our lives, and they have something to offer or teach us.

And us, them. We were brought together to help each other, and you.


You were supposed to find us. We had both been around the sway world in all the different social media pages after having sons, we wanted to add a daughter to our families.

We searched all avenues to increase our odds of conceiving a girl. We both attempted different sway techniques, and you’ve guessed it, they were both unsuccessful.


Unable to fund several rounds of IVF and having to travel abroad since its illegal in our country we found ourselves back to the starting block. With one last chance to fulfill our dreams we knew we had to find the secret formula. And we did.

We are very blessed with our sons, which goes without saying. But the heart desires what it desires, whether that’s a bigger home or a faster car. Or balancing out your family.

It’s a taboo subject and it doesn’t have to be.


We get to live on mother earth once in this body, so enjoying that time and being happy should carry no guilt.

Let’s be open and honest here, whilst many people won’t admit to feelings of disappointment with the gender of their baby, it can be a perfectly normal reaction that’s much more common than you’ve been led to believe.



The influence of the moon, on nature and us as human beings is something that many do not take seriously.

Most of us know that the moon influences the tides, our human behaviors, animals, and its relationship on the menstrual cycle of women. 

The lunar cycle has a direct impact on our human reproduction, in particular fertility, menstruation, and birth rates. The sun's light provides the energy for all living things. But this alone is not enough for life to originate. The tidal waves show the physical effect of the moon, the moon acts as a reflecting body of the sun's light, due to some possible unknown effect this is the cause for life to be born. Without the moon the earth could be lifeless. If the moon is this powerful and plays such a huge roll-on life, then why wouldn't it be a deciding factor on the sex of your baby? 


Here at the Cosmic Sway Method, we have combined our years of swaying experience alongside our love and working within spirituality, our keen interest in different types of astrology and using mostly modern western astrology to enrich our daily lives.

We've spent a large amount of time researching Dr. Eugen Jonas and his hugely successful "Jonas method". (Personal fertile days). Your lunar fertile day is a spontaneous ovulation that occurs each month around the time you were born. The time of the highest woman's fertility coincides with the recurrence of the angle of the sun and the moon that occurred at the woman's own birth. 


With that in mind, we then spent many years researching other ways to increase the likelihood of conceiving a girl or boy. Science is what counts and when you combine the evidence we complied, we made our perfect bio-ovulation sway. 


By using your biological ovulation, coupled with our 9 years of combined sway knowledge, including: supplements, lubricants, crystals and timing of intercourse. 

We have produced an intricate method, that increases your chances for natural sex selection.

Currently, in just 6 months we have helped over 80 families conceive their desired gender, which gives us an astonishing 88% success rate, something we are incredibly proud of.

You wont find stats like this anywhere else.

with pH in mind, and knowing the massive effects of the pH levels in our reproductive tract during ovulation, whilst also aligning the zodiac phases, plus our expertise, you will increase your chances of conceiving your desired gender.


Science today shows us that other sway theories are not as accurate as first believed, 60 odd years ago Dr. Shettles Landrum believed he had made a breakthrough in natural sex selection, and it hit the internet like a storm. Unfortunately, his theory didn't ring true, and recent studies show his method, alongside many others promoting a cut off (sex days before ovulation) doesn't increase your chances. Why? Because unless your sway lines up with the zodiacs it's 100% going to fail.

The timing of intercourse in relation to ovulation does matter, and the pH levels in the reproductive tract (not vagina) is what sways and when the Moon passes through the different signs of the zodiacs, the alkalinity of the womb is changing for acidity and vice versa affecting the sedimentation of the sperm. 

During our in-house studies, with the ladies we guided, we collected their data and found the link between the moons phases and our bodies natural response to the pH levels during ovulation. 

At this point we knew we had to bring a new method to light, something that no one else has done before. Combining science and astrology.

 We know the planets and our natural fertility cycles don't always align in our favour and we appreciate some don't fully understand the new lunar cycle concept, however to have a successful, you need to have patience.​ Being able to work together with our bio-rhythmic sway or bio-ovulation sway, we can tailor this plan to you and decide which will be the most suitable. 

Both methods require intricate timing and calculations, but this is where we come in and do the hard part for you. We have put together the clearest, most accurate guidelines for you to follow in our NEW BOOK available to purchase.

The Moon