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There are several factors that help tip the odds when it comes to natural sex selection and the more of the 7 you do, the more you put the odds in your favour. They're determined by pH levels, ions, minerals, diet, hormones, supplements, and timing.

Our timing in particular has proven to be extremely successful!, boasting a success rate of 93%! There hasn't been a new timing method for gender swaying in over 60 years, until now. 

With our combined expertise as professional sway coaches, with over 10 years experiencing in natural sex selection you can be sure that you are getting top sway knowledge and help to increase your chances for your preferred sex.


 Y spermatozoa had a greater tolerance to alkaline pH than X spermatozoa and they moved faster in this media, whereas the reverse being true for acidic pH. To the best of our knowledge, this study among the recent studies that have discovered the role of vaginal and reproductive tract pH in fetal sex prediction. It found that there was significant higher rate of male fetuses who were conceived by mothers with alkaline vaginal pH and and there was significant higher rate of female fetuses who were conceived by mothers with acidic vaginal pH.

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Adding ions can increase your chances for a specific sex. Why? because negative and positive ions can alter the eggs polarity. Negative ions are said to be produced in natural environments, while positive ions are more often found in environments with less air flow and artificial lighting. Some scientists, such as Dr Patrick Schoun, have suggested that negative ions help sway for girl babies and positive ions for boys.

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Understanding how diet influences the chance of conceiving a boy or girl has captivated scientists for decades, leading to a wealth of research that supports the theory of diet-based gender swaying. In the 1930s, scientist Curt Herbst observed a remarkable phenomenon in marine worms: altering potassium levels in their environment could sway the gender ratio of their offspring. This groundbreaking observation hinted at the potential influence of dietary minerals on gender outcomes. We've stressed to our clients in the last 3 years to A0 Not worry about diet or b) Not over do it on the diet side, our timing is the most important factor to our sway. We've seen diet have a huge impact on ladies fertility, where their diet has been way too strict and unfortunately 


Supplements should very much be considered when swaying for a baby girl boy. When you add vitamins and nutrients to your sway, this helps increase your chances by altering the egg polarity and charge to the ovum.

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We are very proud to have conducted a decade of research, carefully studying and analyzing all aspects of gender swaying. Our in-house studies have led us to develop a very successful timing method, providing couples with a higher chance of swaying their baby's gender to their desired outcome. We are proud to say that our methods have been scientifically backed and proven to be effective.

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