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Gender Sway - Cosmic Bundle

Gender Sway - Cosmic Bundle

With this package you will receive the following......


  • 1 x Cosmogram - Each client will have their own personal file with us, this helps us calculate our own cosmic formula. A cosmogram is where our coaches look into your natal chart, where we can determine which are your strongest and weakest signs to concieve in, and find patterns with previosu children.
  • 1 x Personal sway plan  (Our sway coaches will write up a persoanl plan just for you.)
  • 2 x Sway calculations - Including a personalised sway calendar - Once you've peaked, it will have when to add/measure you pH control, when to add supplements for aiding implantation, start and end time of your phase and when ovulation/conception ideally should happen for safety. This also includes our new cosmic formula.
  • 1 x 30 minute chat with the method creators
  • Girl or Boy book
  • Perfect Your OPK Guidebook
  • Sway diet tips Guidebook
  • Moon Manifestation and rituals, Guidebook, this covers the ways to use Moon water, charging your crystals and much more!
  • Cosmic Fertility Journal
  • Girl or Boy gender sway spell
  • Fertility Spell
  • Anti Anxiety Spell
  • Protect my pregnancy Spell (after conception)
  • Ramzi & Nub theory prediction (after conception)
  • Fertility Reading - Month & Gender


Everything you need to Perfect your COSMIC sway and your pregnancy journey with us. RRP £330

    £330.00 Regular Price
    £199.00Sale Price
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